Q. When was VIOS Originially Created?
A. The Year 2006 with Version 1.0.
Q. Has VIOS Changed since its inception?
A. YES! VIOS has undergone numerous updates to better serve its users as indicated by the Version #. VIOS has also undergone changes to update it to the latest Web Practices, Orignial Designed for .NET 2.0, it is now using .NET 4.7. VIOS has been updated to make it more compliant with latest Browsers, particularly the following (Edge, Chrome and Firefox)
Q. I have a Comment or Recommendation about the VIOS System. How do I inform the VIOS Personnel?
A. Contact the VIOS Help Desk Email with your Comment / Recommendation at VIOS-EAST@Army.mil They will log your recommendation and/or comment and get back with you.
Q. What is the Enterprise Multimedia Center (EMC) role as it relates to VIOS?
A. The Visual Information Ordering Site (VIOS), was designed with the idea of making resources available to the warfighter and reducing costs of equipment and personnel outlays. This was done by the creation of Enterprise Mulitmedia Centers (EMC). In VIOS work that connot be performed at the LOCAL VI Center can be transferred to the EMC where the production capacity and equipment exists.
Q. As a M/VI Center, do I have to use VIOS?
A. The answer to that questions is "YES". According to DA Pam 25-91, 17 Jan 2019. Section 2-12(i). Ensure the Visual Information Ordering Site (VIOS) is implemented at all authroized VI Activites for the collection and/or reporting of VI Metrics to the Installation Status Report-Service managed by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.
Q. Who wrote the VIOS Program?
A. VIOS was orginially developed using a thrid party developer who no longer is involved. All development is now done in-house by our local programmer. This ensure a much better response time to correcting errors adding features and keeping code compliant with the latest DoD Practices and requirements. BEFORE: it took months to get a change done. Deterimining what was needed, gathering enough changes to make it worthwhile. Getting a quote from the developer, processing through contracting, etc.
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